Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Brace Family Updates:

What a whirlwind we have been in. I hope to read this back when the kids are all grown up and see that we made it through the 2.5-3 year old phase with lotsa patience gained, consistent parenting skills and ready to take on Olivia-Ryan when she gets there. LHM..aka.Lord Have Mercy.

The kids both celebrated another month older..Isaac 3 months from being 3 years old and Olivia-Ryan becoming 10 months old. BIG MONTH..as far as milestones in her life so far. (No wonder there have been some character growing days for Chris and I...teeth, pain,not napping or eatting well etc). Olivia-Ryan does not want to crawl hardly at all. June 13th she took her first crawl forward and then proceeded to try and stand and did holding onto the couch.wow she has a lot of balance. ORyan has aslo started clapping both hand together the first week of June, tapping her head, Da-Da.. (momma was last month), hand to open mouth going..bab baba bab ahll hall , walking around her Blue Toy as we call it, and Isaac's train table...and this am I saw that her top two teeth have cut the surface as of this am..wow what a month. Isaac (we think is coming out of his hard Lord help me days...yesterday he seems so much more obedient but also is drooling a whole lot, has his first zit, and very cranky...complains of teeth pain in the back..molars..last ones right?? Talking a whole lot and singing a whole lot. Our favorite lately is at the dinner table Olivia-Ryan was pretty fussy not wanting to eat etc and he says out loud ..DRAMA..yes he said drama..where did he hear that from...umm...me i guess under my breath when she gets going.

New pictures to upload soon from the past month.