Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more pictures....

We are having soo much fun..today was not too easy b/c Olivia-Ryan wanted to stay up all day long. I'm following a pattern now that she is like well most of the time clockwork too...eat, wake, sleep...yesterday couldn't get her up today exact opposite.so i'm guessing tomorrow will be a great day?? who knows!!

Starting to enjoy my husband again and my mom's help..I was soo mean, weird, hormonal etc for the past 2 weeks....so if you are going through this it does get better..most of the time..well this am..Isaac had taken his #2 diaper off during room time and got some in a little bit of everywhere I freaked out! I didn't get his hint right when he woke up...should have done potty time first thing like we've been doing...

Some fun pictures had to share...

working on wake time for about 5 minutes here in the beginning...look at that hair...

Olivia-Ryan's first sponge bath.with her cute name towel from Aunt Heather.

About 40 min. before she arrived into our world.
Isaac playing in the water after a pour down of rain...good time to have a baby and be inside after all our rain.
TOO cute! had to get this shot of her napping and cozy. loves her hands out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A little bit about us these days...

Some of my favorite shots over the first week...more to come.

love this one!! he is soo proud of baby sister!
this was chris as a newborn....

Hi there! I feel like it's been a month since I've updated...isn't true that the first weeks of survivor mode with a newborn and toddler you forget anyhow??? Just checking....

We are doing better daily. We have been hit with some trials but nothing the Lord hasn't brought through better closer to him etc. Our first trip as a family was Friday, Aug. 22 to a Cookout at Christie and Mark's house. We stayed about an hour and then left. For Isaac I really have been wanting to get out for his good. Today we went to church and all did great..well Isaac wanted to hang with the elementary kids..well we keep saying you are a big boy now..stuff I guess it is wearing on him...

Anyhoot! The big news is after 2 times in ER yes ER..one emergicare and the other ER...Chris is feeling better...had a virus on Iv's for 2 hours 3 days before baby was arriving and had a cinderblock hit his head 3 feet down ...5 staples later!! Planning on all of us not going to the hospital anytime soon.

My mom is an angel! I have not been the most pleasant person at all to be around..I trully think it's either hormones or meds..not sure. Have Mastitus this week but continue to suck it up and nurse through it!

We have had some amazing meals,friends, cards, calls , texts, emails, posts, walls etc. from everyone loving on us!

We have decided today to do Growing Kid's God's Way starting in Sept..easier to take a 3 week old rather than when she is older and get a sitter for Isaac on Fridays..anyone available? right down the street from us.

Isaac is also taking a Kindermusik class this fall through Jan. I missed getting him in a pre-school class but this once a week with a newborn I'm pretty sure will work great for us and then something new in January.

Hopefully it will be able to upload a bunch a pictures to see...

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday we are in our 2nd day home...

We are all doing very well...overall...very thankful. I am not even as sore as I was with Isaac after the first week. Today I even took a family walk with Chris, Isaac and Olivia-Ryan. The pictures from this week have been uploaded and will be placed on here later this weekend. Olivia-Ryan is feeding very well but when she is hungry...whew wee.....finally got that under control and wake her before she is Ravishing hungry. This week she has been wanting to nurse every 2 hours and just today we got to 2 1/2 hours.. I know it will come. I love it b/c mommy and all the gang get a break. Isaac is adjusting very well..you were right Lee. He is kissing her head and saying, baby sister...soo cute..Jennie you will love that part when Jake does that...almost there. My mom will be here for as long as we need her and then Chris will take more time off from work after she leaves. It was great having him home most of the week in the hospital and at home.
Good night for now and let the games begin...by the way..love that the Olympics are on now..great feeding tv to watch...seriously..we will make it through this weekend.
Are we up for vistors? yes starting next week. still sore and trying to figure stuff out but just text, call, email or facebook me. love to all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Starring the cutie pie - Olivia Ryan

Photo shoot of Charleston's newest model - Olivia Ryan Brace!

Olivia Ryan has arrived!

I am so excited to share that Olivia Ryan Brace entered the world happy and healthy this morning at 7:53 am, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and is 20 1/2" long. Mommy and baby are doing well. Welcome, Olivia! We are so excited to see the plans our Lord has for you... plans to give you a hope and a future.

Please stop by later tonight for more photos.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Ramen noodles and ducks....

love this shot of isaac chillin' lunch on...um...Friday the 1st of Aug...?? soo fun and he loved it!!

As I go through old socks etc..we found these fun ducky socks that have rattles in the end of them..he loved them...what we do the last weeks before baby arrives and we are tired..ha! check out my curls....out of control..

We love Ramen noodles..had to get some funny shots of him with some noodles...don't think this was today but it was recent..trying to capture some fun photos of just brother Isaac before sister joins the world.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mommy's Morning out with Marianne...

Yesterday..Sat. 8/2 me and my friend Marianne ate at Seabiscuit in Isle of Palms..one of my favs..now that we have moved I don't get there as often and it is a treat. we had a blast...Marianne will be moving to Redding, California this fall for Ministry school at Bethel Church..she is very excited and so am I/we for her!! love you Marianne...it is like Spa relax time when we get together...so fun!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!! and only 8 more days...

pictures not uploaded yet but here are some from the end of july last year..family beach trip..as you can see we didn't make it this year..too big and well my folks came here instead..these are my parents and my brother and his wife and 3 boys.

Hi there!

So thankful Isaac is staying in the crib. Thanks for all your comments.

I have had a good weekend so far. Had playgroup here Thursday and didn't get pictures..ugh..all I could do was keep up with the kiddos. but fun! Teresa-Lydia and Catherine-Parker came..we had fun!

Sharing ideas for discipline, activities and just seeing how we are all doing...great visit! Friday Isaac and I took it easy and ate Ramen noodles. ha! had to get some fun pictures of him.capturing all the time I can with him..enjoying it very much!!

Tired but slept all evening on the couch..we will see how sleep goes tonight..the Lord is getting me ready for feeding schedule. wow!

oh! last min. we also went to visit Ellison and Thomas tonight for about an hour..the boys had fun while Chris, Jaime, Lee and I caught up.. so grateful for them..Ellison is a doll!! checking now to see if photos got uploaded by my wonderful hubby last night.....and looking over our huge spread sheet list of things to get done this week! Chris cleaned out the pantry today..soooooooooo great!

The boys...and me and..ahhhhh....

Today we went to see Thomas and meet his newborn sister Ellison. We had a great time!

Awesome dadda......

One more thing that Chris did on Sat. so I could have some me time was take Isaac and one of Isaac's dear friends A.J. (aka: Austin James) to the water park in Mt. Pleasant..they loved it! A.J.'s daddy went also. After swimming and being boys they ate lunch at Brix pizza. love that!! Chris is amazing!!