Thursday, January 29, 2009

Part of Christmas "Road Trip"

Yes here we are having a blast at my parents from the 26th-6th of January.
We had some fun things happen while we were there.

These pictures give a snapshot of fun things we did #1 Chris and I kissed..yes we kissed! ha! getting ready for a date night New Year's Eve..joke picture!

Isaac got a BIG firetruck from Nana and Papa Bill and Olivia-Ryan got a fun monkey (lovey)..they both had a wonderful Christmas and also got some fun gifts from their cousins. favorite picture so far of Olivia-Ryan and Isaac ..she is a very healthy 5month old and when we got home from our trip in the 2nd week of January was sitting by herself for a total of 10 seconds! whew.wee..she is taking her time on most things but I was quite impressed of her sitting on her own..she takes after her mommy and can balance well with that bootie of hers. ha

Our best group family picture by the tree.

After bathtime..look at those sweet adorable rolls!

Nana is soo happy here!!

My brother and his family Christmas day.

Pringles boy...ha!

Ok yes...i just had to do it...we had some yummy on sale Pringles and shared them with Isaac today for some snack and found a place where you could go online and create your own Pringles can and they would donate $1 for every can made to the Children's Miracle Network..why not..tried to be creative..but then noticed that Isaac's nose is running..oh well..pure toddler for shirt, watermelon drip and 4th of July..doesn't get much more American than this! ha! ..try it yourself or vote for Isaac to win fav. can.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're back and on a mission....

Hi there Bloggers, friends and family:
It's official......We are all 90% better from our bad colds, sinus infections, and for isaac a ear infection didn't know this? yes...I had taken a short sabaticle from the blog to get ready for travelling over Christmas to my folks house in NC Dec. 26th-5th of January..since then we have all battled and I mean battled this stuff! All of our pictures our on the camera to upload (everytime I go to upload our computer messes up)anyway...the others our saved on a hard drive somewhere I can't find..
I will post some last years Christmas pictures for now so you can see just how much little man isaac has changed...ok..well we are having some major technical difficulties with our computer for now...again we are on a mission for me to keep up better with this blog and stay balanced in 2009 in all areas amen! won't believe how much Olivia-Ryan and Isaac have grown up even in a month...dang it..wish the photos would work uploading...good bye for now..not too long though! I have tried to leave comments on most of my friends blogs..and it won't let me so know that I Love keeping up with each of you all. Blessings!!