Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Dad retires and leaves a legacy...

Bridgewater coach retires
Bridgewater men's basketball coach Bill Leatherman announced his retirement Wednesday after 23 years at the helm of the program. Leatherman, who compiled a career record of 335-262, led the Eagles to the Old Dominion Athletic Conference regular season title with a 17-9 record in his second season. A year later, Bridgewater won the 1987-88 ODAC championship and earned a berth to the NCAA Division III tournament – the school's first appearance in postseason play. That team finished with a 24-5 record, the best record during the Leatherman years.
His teams made two more trips to the NCAA tournament. The 1995-96 team earned an at-large bid and finished with an 18-10 record. The next season, the Eagles finished with a 21-8 record and advanced to the Round of 16 in the NCAA Tournament.In acknowledging Leatherman's record of success, Bridgewater president Phillip Stone said: "Coach Leatherman's greatest coaching achievement however is in the effect he has had on the young men who played for him. They were required to dress up for games and behave as gentlemen; they had to play by the rules; team play prevailed over individual interests; no showboating or bad sportsmanship was tolerated; and students were required to attend class and keep up their grades. He has taken immense satisfaction from the fact that almost every Bridgewater College player he coached has earned his degree."Leatherman was named the ODAC Coach of the Year four times – 1987, 1989, 1996 and 2005. He was named the South Region Coach of the Year in 1987, 1988, 1996 and 2005. Following the 2005-06 season, Leatherman received the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Guardians Award for Advocacy. The honor is one of the top awards a coach can receive from the NABC.During his tenure at BC, Leatherman coached three All-Americans – Ramsey Yeatts, Dan Rush and Kyle Williford. The search for Leatherman's successor begins immediately


Me driving our new fan we got about 3 weeks ago!! love it! after we got our nails done..pedicure..missed you Demi!
ta-da!! love this shot!! not too swollen
Dancin' Queens...loved Mama Mia after nails, Mama Fu's and this great movie..will buy it when it comes out for me and Olivia-Ryan to watch and remember she was in me then...nostalgic..ahhhh
ok random shots from Ashley and Darrell's wedding and wanted you to see them...they had this great picture taking thing...soo great! and fun...great way to get everyone's these from facebook.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Big Boy room in the works and baby!

We love the color of Isaac's new walls..Marlboro Ben. Moore..we are most likely going to change some things around and add some doors to the one dresser..but here is a taste of it..big room!

love our train table from the Windham's thanks!! and our borrowed crib
me at about 36 weeks..two weeks from C-section...hi olivia-ryan..this was a night before my friend emily and i went and got ice cream!yum-o!

Is it time yet??

Hi there!
It's about that time for this little girl to come out and my body has not been doing that great waiting....about every other day I have hard day and don't want to get off the couch...praying alot...still doing consistent room time with Isaac but that is about it..b/c of the way I feel. As we speak I'm not sure why he is not napping today...I think over tired...I need to rest and lately my head is having a hard time sleeping, resting etc..even though I'm dog tired...anyone relate? lee? jennie?
Our whole big boy bed well he didn't go into it a whole night yet....we decided to just put another crib in there b/c we couldn't wait any longer and with everything else going on ...we def. need to get our sleep now and not staying up hearing an unhappy boy least when he did cry he stayed in his bed or right beside it (big boy bed)on all the pillows...listened well to stay put. We are ok about it and Isaac is thriving in his new room and new crib...Thanks be to God!
have pictures of his almost done room and prego belly shots..just not online yet...hope soon...also just getting to Olivia-Ryan's it is painted as of last night...potpourri it!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

fun times with new things....

Cuddling with Isaac's blanket and Olivia-Ryan's blanket.just got today from the Wilson Family..soo excited just what mommy wanted and could not find....Thanks Lord!
Grandma Brace and Isaac playing with playdough after mommy comes home on Tuesday afternoons from tutoring Katie...there is a lovey adn baby doll on the table to borrow from the Bozarths (practicing gentleness) and lovey from the Wilson it!
new deal i got at Once Upon a Child for $10!! bouncy aquarium seat..while cover is being washed...Isaac loved it..I'm sure he will love to help sister Olivia-Ryan with this one..plan on taking out more goodies as time passes...

36 weeks..that shirt holds it in some..bigger than i look...seriously..especially my back side....ha!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dinner with Da-Da....

one of our favorite times...ok..the bowl thing not sure where he got that from Nana...?? ha! just kidding we all love drinking from the bowl when no one is watching..ha! got it on camera!

These were taken a while back when we had just made us his bed and showed it to him....very the fishy's called Conor bedding on sale at PBK. love it! from Grandma Brace and twin set also for later....those are his clothes before his dresser was painted..nightmare! no order..for about 4 days...ugh..better now.

Big Boy bed as we speak...

As I type this I almost have tears in my eyes...yes tonight is the night Isaac is sleeping in a Big boy bed...small toddler bed our gracious friends gave us. He was crying like he has been doing since this virus...hope that is it. He might be a little unnerved but we will see...He did say he wanted to sleep in his Bi boy be.. aka..big boy bed.
Isaac would be crying like this if he was in his crib most likely. He is feeling somewhat better today still some fever and not much eatting but at lunch he ate all of his mac and cheese with sugar snap peas in it....can you tell I'm writing so I don't hear him cry...thank the Lord he is staying in his bed. The reason for big boy b/c..he did try to get out of his crib and as a wise one said..easier to deal with one child now rather than two real soon. We know these next few nights will be probably difficult but we are willing able and ready. Good night for now..I will let you know how it goes...the past two nights he has been up anyway so it's not much different if he wakes up again tonight..we are ready. shalom....going to cuddle with hubby while I get through this emotional time....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Intra Virus...

Hi there! I have texted some of you to pray for Isaac and myself. Last night when Isaac got ready for bed he was saying he was cold. Then Chris wrapped him up and then after he went down around 7:30pm he was fine and tired..sort of warm..thought teething..well.....10:30pm came along and he was crying a weird hurting cry...Chris said..he's dreaming..well me mama knew something was up so I said please go get the way..I couldn't sleep having pretty bad lower back pains..even in bed most of the night and couldn't get to sleep...nausea also...anyhoot back to Isaac well he had a fever of 100.5. gave him some motrin and tried to put him back down...screamed hard!! I got up with him not happy and rested on the couch for about 10 min. Put him down...then he never went back to sleep crying..Chris got him and layed on the couch with him..both fell asleep and after an hour or two Chris came to bed with Isaac sleeping on the couch from 3:30am-7:30am..never done this!!
Got up, no eatting just drinking..around 11am checked him and his fever was 102.2...oh my!! let's take a pool bath (cool) with bubbles, then we showered off the bubbles in our shower....ate lunch fever went down also after more Motrin.made dr. appt. for Chris to take him...3:45pm
Come to find out.....Intra Virus or Intro Virus..very common ..he got it...from it getting to his mouth through hands...go figure....anywhere it can happen and their are 75 other viruses similiar. Dr. T said let it run it's course..Isaac also had little bumps on the back on his mouth (sign for virus) all will go away..just hope me momma or daddy doesn't get it...not feeling well at all on all am just so I could be on the couch. somewhat better but contractions short every 20 min. continual pressure and back pain..Lord help me and soo much to do! seriously. any designers want to come help me??? thanks for your prayers and support.
hope to get it gone like now! ha!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Isaac and Mommy special morning...

I have been very much trying to be intentional with Isaac for a while but really starting this week about special things to do together. here are a couple:
--thinking of doing/going somewhere in the car that takes over 2 hours b/c soon I will not have but about that much time with breastfeeding etc ..just with Isaac (really not going or doing much..just wanted to think about it)
--going to the library and getting a card for isaac to check out books/tapes/dvds..without another car seat to hold in my hand
--holding him tightly after he comes out of time out or mr. reminder...hugging him and him hugging me...swaying and singing worship songs to him (singing..Savior He can move a mtn., my God is mighty to save, He is mighty to Save..forever Author of Salvation..He rose and conquered the grave..Jesus conquered the grave
--things that would be hard to do with an infant (outside in the pool...well a monitor I will have while napping but still with just my eyes and ears focussed on him
--reading time
--along with everything goes scructure time, room time for 20 min. working hard on it this week...while I have a quiet time,email, laundry, read etc...he plays in his room indepently..we don't do pack in play anymore really unless I really need him to stay put...with timer on etc.
--look straight into his eyes while we pray and thank the Lord for him
--lastly...having him spray my hair in the am just as I spray my hair to get it curly and not frizzy..ha!
--oh! most important..Chris, Isaac and I pray every morning together as a family!! HUGE!!
thankful to have another one joining us in less than 3 weeks..soo grateful! All thanks be to HIM!!

I am not dilated at all yet with baby..feel like it though..lots of lower tense pain in abdomen area..Dr. Warner says to stay out of heat, lay low, do little as possible for less pain and contractions (which I continue to have quite a lot of) we will see if she waits til the 11th.....keep you posted. prego picture...ummmm need to do it soon. want to have that memory...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellison and Torri!!!

Today...well yesterday...I'm back posting b/c I had a conference call today for Pampered Chef and no nap soo I thought I'd catch up and blog and read blogs....Happy birthday sweet Ellison!! Ellison was born today..proud parents Lee and Jaime and brother, Thomas. Ellison will be exactly 3 weeks older than Olivia-Ryan (if we keep our c-section to that date) Olivia-Ryan will be here on the 11th of August..and we are soo excited.
Also my great friend from college also had a birthday today. By the way....Lee she is very intelligent, right/left brain elem. school teacher (before baby boy) and is sooo full of fun and excitment!! just like Ellison! very much a strong leader!!
hugs to both mommies and birthday girls!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday so much fun!!

Today Laura, Lauren and I had a girly morning. We met my friend Berta and her daughter Michelle for breakfast in Mt. P and Charleston's Cafe...LOVE IT!! Anyway Laura and Michelle have kept up with each other through their cancer survival stories....soo fun and great inspiring. They met for the first time with me including having tears.
After breakfast Laura and Lauren dropped me off while daddy and isaac were on their way home from Parker's 2nd birthday party. I then slept all afternoon and daddy (chris) continued to let me rest. amen!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Laura and Lauren at breakfast...

My sweet dear friends Berta and her daughter Michelle...Michelle and Laura meet for the first time as breast cancer survivors...soo sweet

Laura aka(La-La) and Lauren are our house guests...soo fun!

hi there! It's TGIF...I'm updating the blog Lee..ha! love your comments!
Anyhoot..hope you are well prego friend and you too Jennie. My friend from NC after college...we were Young Life leaders together and became like sisters overnight...well her and her daughter Lauren are visiting us through tomorrow afternoon. We are having a great time...very much practice with sharing, and having a sister etc...for Isaac..tough times but learning moments...Laura and I at times pulling our hair out...while they tough it out...Lord help me! ha!
Anyway today we went on an outing Children's Museum..ok Isaac was in a stroller this time b/c earlier this week I could not keep up with him and he kept trying to run away from Mr. Reminder but stroller most of the time..he did great! We ate lunch at Joe Pasta..very good and quick! (fyi...Musuem goers) then back home for all to nap..isaac was down from 1pm-3:30pm. Grocery shopping for salmon for dinner and then Laura (LA-LA), Lauren and I went to the mall and Barnes and Noble after Isaac was down for the night at 7pm. good night for now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Austin and Isaac 7 months ago...

Austin relaxing at the Christmas party/his year old
Isaac starting to do things he's not suppose to do....15 months...humm what did we do without a rug??

First time obedience...starting this week...

Hi there! I just wanted to make a note for myself so when I publish this book it will keep up with what is going on in our family at different times and ages. Isaac turned 22 months about a week ago and with being pregnant I have slacked some with how I like to have things or we..during the work day for chris it is mostly me and Tanner (oh dog) helping out. First Isaac has been getting by with a lot lately and I said, " my prego high hormonal voice....things have to get better around here or I will go wild once Olivia-Ryan comes.." soo we are using a timer....which I HIGHLY recommend b/c he loves it....I got one that I can take with me wherever I go..and a Mr. Reminder...flat spoon...First time obedience...if we ask Isaac to do something and he doesn't we either do timeout or Mr. Reminder comes out and he runs swiftly to do what he needed to be doing..I love it! Isaac and I visited A.J. today asa..Austin James Carpenter and his dear mom and friend Jessica. The boys did great together..we were even able to leave the room and while she was packing I hung out...we as girls multi task....and well with jess we can do that with each 2-3 things at once and still totally catch up etc!! soo fun!
I brought Mr. Reminder and our new is working soo well......again if you need something new for your toddler try it..start with 5 min. and work up. amen! ha! oh!! this new facebook thing I'm trying out is taking me out of my blog time (like i do it regularly) so if i get slack either or you will understand.. time...clean...nap....etc. finally found all our pictures from early june and sitting here til all are uploaded!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm becoming a big least for some pictures...ha! makes me hold up the date each month so one day..not sure what she will do with all my 11th dates...ha!
trying to see if I went pee-pee in my big boy pants...ready to change to others..I think I'm wet...oh! this is my new room in the works..the fish quilt will be all my bedding...etc.
yes! this rug was over the pulled up rug so I wouldn't mess with big boy pants are from Nana when she visited..they are "Cars" trying to work on keeping them dry every now and then but still not knowing when my bladder is full to run to the will come...i just say...uh oh.....pee pee..too late

Isaac is 22 months old today more month til baby...

Wow we have a lot going on! Today I concentrated on having a fun day with Isaac. We first headed to AR_TI's house and Re-Re for some catch up time and Isaac keeps talking about Re-Re...(he also sees her at church now)..anyhoot..Marti and I packed the kids in our rental car til our van is ready ..suppose to be today..we will see..anyway we went to the Children's Museum downtown and had a blast. After the museum we headed to eat lunch at Juanita Greenberg's ? nacho grande..close the kids quesadillas and we got more quesadilla, a cool one, and i ate a tacho salad...headed home and rested...soon after Isaac napped...we played a lot in his room to be...with big blue ball bouncing all over(room empty) and then practiced wearing our new big boy underpants...yes....well now that I am reading the book I don't think he is quite ready..he is still wetting his diapers a whole bunch and won't tell me when he really goes poopy....think we might hold off..don't want to push it..getting his big boy room ready is enough for carpet in Wed. and then all taken...on post....well before the baby Aug. 11th ha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FUN with was wiped out!!

Keeping up with Isaac at the Children's Museum..the day before Nana and Papa Bill left
mom had energy! ha! and we/my mom was mostly done organizing clothes..helping me clean etc..

Chris and I had a date celebrate our Anniversay June 25th a night while my folks were here without Isaac...we went to a Japanese Steak of my fav. things to do..picture kind of dark....I was very hungry oh!! on the had serious braxton hicks contractions and very big pain in my lower back..stayed in bed the afternoon....more pictures of isaac with Papa and then others...

Having soo much fun the Nana and Papa Bill

More later but as we speak Isaac is outside playing with both his grandma's. First my dad, Papa Bill played baseball with a real sized bat and a tee with about 6 balls. I got some pictures to show you later. Isaac loves throwing the ball lefty more than dad said GREAT throw my dad says..maybe he will be a pitcher?? humm have no idea..Papa Bill would love it. After baseball he got in his pool and then in the sprinkler as Mommy waters the dry spots in our backyard..2 things at one time.
Isaac has already had a packed day. Yesterday was are first full day with Nana and Papa and Nana, Isaac and I went to get some containers to start organizing the closets (thanks Lee!!) Then Nana took us to lunch at Zaxby's..Isaac did very well and loved the grilled cheese with a few frys to dip into ketchup and some of my Ceasar salad..loves salad with crotons and lots of dressing. Isaac napped yesterday from!! I was out and ran 2 pair of long shorts and a cute top for a few more date nights before the arrival of Olivia-Ryan. I also picked up some great clothes from my friend Kellie...0-3 months!! soo excited doing laundry and getting everything!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun with Papa...and Nana and Grandma Brace

My dad is thinking Isaac will be a pitcher..not too much into hitting but loved throwing the my dad said.."great arm" above is Isaac and my dad reading a devotion together...Isaac gave it to Papa Bill to read to him..had to get that precious shot!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

First thing to do with Papa eat Watermelon...

ma..moon as Isaac would say...i love to eat ma moon...watermelon....really ripe and yumo! oh!! when i got this watermelon the guy at the Piggy Wiggly gave me some valuable advice to remember...when picking a watermelon...lay a broom straw on it..if it moves left or right it is ripe ..if it stays still it is not ripe..hummmmm....he said it works every time...will share in a facebook post soon....all should know!

Nana and Papa Bill arrive!!!!

We had a fun time telling Isaac all am (while mommy and Isaac are getting over the colds and sinuses)ugh...that Nana and Papa Bill are coming today!! SOOO Exciting....we have some fun things planned and more organizing, painting, laundry for baby etc to do.
The biggest thing today that Chris looks as a tonight we went to Noisy Oyster..on Rivers..very good and great local seafood..Isaac did very well. Anyway.....we got home and parents 10 year old beagle was out of her crate while we ate dinner out but in the guest room...she had been in the crate all 5 hours so dad decided to keep her out..well...when we got home the carpet was all torn up!! Savannah had gotten to the foam under the carpet..needless to say.....we are getting new carpet or laminate flooring in Isaac's new room....we might call it Savannah.
Anyway....thank the Lord the room was pretty much empty...b/c we are cleaning it out getting ready to be Isaac's room!

Friday, July 4, 2008


First of all I am soo grateful for all the servicemen do and to honor them today is soo important!
Second..I got a ripe watermelon..always wanted to try and make a fruit type basket..well in Pampered Chef we have this great tool in the picture...that you can do melons with, double knife..for pumpkins also too!! anyhoot..i tried it and Chris helped me pull it apart.
ta it first ever! not very even but it tasted wonderful!!!!
Couldn't do the 4th without shirt, with a flag...eatting cut up watermelon on our porch! soo fun!
For our day chris and I had a much much needed date day...dropped Isaac off with Grandma Brace, went to our fav. spot where we love to drive on breech inlet, got appetizers and shopped at Target! loved it! great hubby that knows when mommy needs to be taken out of her role..and be bride! then even better after appetizers at 4pm..we grilled out chicken, roasted veggies and with small potatoes yumo and watched fireworks all after 8pm..another great date time! loved of my fav. days with days!