Thursday, February 28, 2008


Oh what fun we had!! Amie came over for lunch, we visited and talked about nusery. Isaac did not nap at all yesterday..soo hopefully he will sleep for a long time today. Chris brought me home sweet beautiful a sweet thought. We had our first official Wednesday night date night. We had some couch time, massaged each others backs and then watched a movie and I fell asleep at 8ish...bye for now.

Today was a big day for Isaac his nursery teacher came to see him...well to see me for instructions for helping out both services this Sunday....those of you praying for me to help out with is working and I love it. Mrs. Amie and her husband Oliver are headed on a mission trip this Friday and need extra help...Isaac loves her!! soo fun.

Isaac's first time to Ready Set, Jump!!

ON Tuesday morning....Finally I now figured how to put more than one photo on a post...yeah!! This is Isaac and our fun neighbors Mrs.Emily, Abby and Katlyn. We had the whole place to was only $3 for my moms in the know tag/discount and $4 regularly!! what fun!!! Isaac was very tired but had a blast and so did I. We did truck up the big slide and go down it...he loved it!! If you haven't been there in about 3 weeks they have added some new pieces!! It opened at 10am and we were there til 11:20am.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mrs. Heather is getting ready to have one of these...

This is Isaac and Heather the day we came home from the hospital..look at those little toes. ahhh. get ready Heather!!

Thanks Aunt Emmie!!

I love my firemen's hat I got the other weekend while in NC. Isaac got to visit some of my girlfriends from Pinehurst while we were having a PC party....Em gave Isaac a firemen's hat. This is Isaac having some pack-in-play time one morning this week. Isaac in the past couple days is starting to put whole words together. Today was egg and oh..something else. He ate in his new booster chair tonight. He did well except today he was more excited about the chair than eatting. I spoke too soon...some teething going on today...woke up at 5:30am and then only napped for about 1 1/2 with a runny nost crying hard core...maybe that's why I'm soo tired ha! good though. he'e very healthy. I got to talk to my friend Heather tonight on the phone..sooo exciting! Isaac gets to see her again this weekend. Heather was the first friend to hold Isaac the day we came home from the hospital..and is getting ready to have her own bundle of joy in April....Jeshua...Marti and I are having a shower for her and Ray this Saturday and we are very excited!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"One Moment In Time".......W. Houston

Today we went to the early service and then to breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts before I had a booth at the Home Show for PC. Lots of fun!! We also went to the park at Park Circle today and met some new always..never a stranger. We also met Handy Manny and Dora at the Home show also..didn't have my camera..Isaac loved it!
Tonight...Isaac did get up on this chair all by himself for dinner..soo guess what is going bye-bye highchair...for tonight we used the bumbo for height to eat dinner and he did great!! On the plate above is some salad with the Olive Garden dressing on it....he ate it!! Yes Isaac ate salad for dinner believe it?? We are off first thing in the morning to get a booster seat and put the high chair in the garage or attic.... wow what "One Moment in that tune my fav.....Whitney Houston...ha!! Oh right before bed Isaac was looking at a book with daddy and said the whole word cute! almost 18 months..whew wee!! no teething at the moment.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Total Family Time

Headed to the Children's museum today. Isaac had a blast. We loved watching him get into everything. Chris and I were both tired today but did quite a low day with walking around neighborhood, playing with Isaac in backyard..eatting yummy leftover take-out Olive Garden salad and breadsticks. yumm craving lately...seriously I bought the jumbo $13.95 salad!! ha! Listening to my dad's last home basketball game now while Chris rests and watches ice hockey...loving our low key day.

Friday, February 22, 2008

All Nana's boys....with a little help from their parents...

We had a great trip last weekend to see Dad's team play. Nana bought shirts for the little boys to wear.i think Jake (now in 5th grade in white shirt..forgot his..too cool for school)ha! That is my brother with my sweet sister-in-law Michelle....i look way prego here but i promise it is the angle and the know those under up pictures..never good! still trying to figure out the backpost..again this was last weekend. help me please jessica..come on over and help!!hA!

Teething is for the birds.....

Austin at playgroup..we all had a great time at his house...Mrs. Jessica made yummy treats

Blanket Time

Isaac is just beginning blanket time..independent time on his Pooh blanket...some days are better than others.....we set the timer for about 4 min. and when it goes off he can get off the blanket..knowing this will help when we are in public places or when the baby comes...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

wow what a longgggg nap today!

As most of you know Isaac has not been napping well lately due to teething..well today Isaac went down for a nap after we visited our neighbors with a new baby and brought them dinner. Isaac napped from 1-4:15..I woke him up! WOWSER!! either catching up on rest or growth spurt...
Grandma watched Isaac last night while Chris and I went to a PChef party in Mt. Pleasant. Isaac ate about 6 meatballs she said, green beans..a lot and some fruit!! wow what a growing boy.
Yesterday also was a fun day with Isaac learning new things, pointing at a lot now and trying to say it....what fun! What blessing from the Lord. Quite tired last night but feeling great!! almost 15 weeks this Sunday...well blog ya soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ELMO is my friend....kisses to Elmo!!

Experimenting here trying to get this to the right you have been reading Isaac says ELMO all the time now..loves him!!
other words he is saying: most animal sounds,rock,momma, daddy,wow,cup,close, open,waffle,humm have to go for now..more updates to follow.

Finger Painting with Grandma!

Wild Wednesday

Hello blogger fans! Wow it's been a wild week up til now. Last week after my update I got ill with a little stomach bug...that lasted til wednesday and then trying to get ready to head out of town Friday to see my family and my Dad's basketball team play at Guilford College. Dad has been coaching for many years and is head coach at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA. Chris, Isaac and I had a great trip. It takes about 4 hours to get there and well worth the drive. We stayed at my folks house and loved just being there and resting. Saturday came along and mom and I got to spend some girlly time together before the big game at 3. Bridgewater did lose against Guilford, a nationally ranked team by less than 10 points. They gave it a go!!! After the game mom had family over for NC BBQ..well it was my sweet sister-in-law who made the recipes..from Paula Deen...always a hit!!
OH!! back up on the 12th of February I went to the doctor for a check up and they checked for about 5 min. to find the heartbeat ..and she said that baby won't stop it keeps going everywhere..she said you have a WILD one in there! great!! sooo we went to the big room and I actually got to see the baby and the heartbeat!! 140 beats a min..any guesses? we find out in about 6 weeks....more to come!! pictures too!!
anyway..getting back to this past weekend...after the food Chris and I got in the car and headed south to drop me off for some girlly time!! My wonderful friends have been wanting to help me out with Pampered Chef and we had a party Sunday...and wow what a turnout and soo much fun! Emily said, "I want a $1,000 show!!" well..they are close to it!! Lastly, Chris and Isaac came and picked me up and then off we are to home.....needless to say Isaac didn't sleep any except for maybe 2 min. before chris decided to stop for GAS!! LORD HELP ME!! ha!!
those of you that have kids know that when they sleep in the car it's not time to stop..oh well! we made it fun with lots of videos, drinks and snacks!!
Not sure what I did on Monday but it was a tiring recovery home at 10:30pm.

oh!! lastly from last week..CHRIS and I celebrated our 3 year engagement anniversary on the 13th of February..we went out to Fonduely Yours in Mt. Pleasant and had a great time!! He is an amazing man, great hubby and absolutely wonderful...daddy!!!
wow i think that's all from last week....humm if i think of anymore I will let you know.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's just another Maniac Monday.....

Hi there!! This title says it all...remember that that tune. I know I haven't posted since last Thursday and are not quite sure how to go back to the dates I missed and type them in...anyone help me out?
Friday hummm took some pictures of Isaac and his new friend..ELMO...well that's how he responds to Who is your new friend? he responds ELMO. ha! too cute!
Friday Isaac and I hung out rested and I got ready for our Pampered Chef show that night. Chris and I have really enjoyed doing Pampered Chef together..he cooks, I talk..great combo!
Sat-Sunday was basically DADDY and ISAAC day. I had a combo show Saturday, Tastefully Simple and PC. Very fun!!
DADDY AND ISAAC hung out most of both days together b/c Sat. I was gone and Sunday felt under the weather...still do some but better. .just taking it easy....oh!! 13 weeks prego as of yesterday.
Today I did not feel well at all....layed on the couch with videos for Isaac and in the backyard in the sun. He did not want to nap today long....the worst teething going on...those of you that know...i have never heard crying like this.....on floor sobbing tears...might be a boy thing not sure.
Missed my part of small group tonight...hope it went well. Chris had some guys over tonight...Mark- one of Chris's best friends is soon to be married!! They had fun while I stayed in our office/guest room and felt good enought to get some pc done and emails.
oh!!! pictures will come soon....i need chris for it for the first few times...we uploaded all new pictures yesterday.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tired Tuesday, Wal-Mart Wednesday, Talkative Thursday

Hi there! Wow it's been 2 days since I have gotten on here..time flies when your having fun!! Well....Tuesday was Sam's Club--- and nap for Isaac and mommy from joke!! i guess we needed it. Wednesday yesterday we got up to run errands and headed to the pharmacy and Wal-Mart...Isaac was tired but I kept him up for getting to that one nap in the afternoon..he did great!! Lately he can't get enough of ELMO....anyway..yesterday afternoon we spent the late afternoon with our new friends and neighbors Emily (mom)Abbie and Katlyn. What fun!! Love their big wooden swing set in their backyard....and Isaac's size to climb up. Isaac woke up this am saying ELMO...Elmo..ELMO!!! ha! soo cute!! more later.... and pictures by the weekend.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday so good to me...

Lately I have been singing song lines so I thought I would start adding a twist to our that tune!ha! Well Isaac and mommy had a great day today. We cleaned up the house today, did some laundry.(Isaac does try to help me with these things..vacuum, dust, laundry..umm lasts about 3 min.) Anyway..we were soo excited because Mrs. Jennie and Jake came to visit us today. I have really been wanting to get some one on one time with some friends from play group lately so I am starting now. checked. off the list- nursery yesterday- just hope the Lord helps me keep it up. Jake and Mrs. Jennie have been one of the first friends of baby Isaac and are 5 days apart. We had soo much fun today playing and hope to do it again very soon. One new thing Isaac did today way climb up the deck stairs holding no railing ---two steps by himself...whew wee..i was right behind him worrying!!ha! Daddy is coming home now from our Love and Respect Small group we attend..thankful for such solid friends. 5,4,3,2,1....peace! (for all those old school Janet Jackson fans...and fomer cheerleading dancers!!ha)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Super Bowl Sunday with Friends and Buckeyes

Wow what a fun filled day we had today. First I got to go to volunteer at Nusery for my first time at the Dream Center..soo fun!! Love that place and those our church home. I got to take a nap when Isaac did while Chris cut down part of a tree that had fallen....daddy got a new toy..electric saw?? not sure what it is called...anyway when Isaac woke up from his nap daddy had gone to the store and bought a new sandbox for Isaac and his friends!! Lastly and most fun we went to Travis, Jessica and Austin's house for some appetizers and a fun time. Isaac, Austin, Mrs. Jessica and mommy went for a ride in a wagon while the dads talked shoulder to shoulder and grilled! HA!! We did have amazing Buckeye ice cream for dessert..totally recommend it! from Publix..taste like peanut butter pie!! not kidding!!!
Good Night to all! hopefully I can figure out how to post jessica! we forgot our camera.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi there friends and family. This is my first blog and well..I have thought about doing this for awhile now. The only way I will be able to remember all of the details in Isaac's life and our new baby to be in August. I am on the internet basically a lot of time....I hope somehow this blog blesses you and your family and shares some insight into our unique family. signing off for tonight!! Jessica and Jennie please help me and encourage me. ...oh!! this is Isaac in his new HUGE backyard..well bigger than a condo deck!! He is 16 months old in this picture and ohh soo loves his.....BIG RED CAR from Nana.

My Backyard!