Monday, March 31, 2008

Isaac is really into sharing with Elmo

I hope this continues with all friends/family...sharing..not sure if i posted these earlier but thought this was adorable....Isaac is trying to say all kinds of words we went through a book with ice cream cones and he said..cone....
we are having a blast with Isaac but have to constantly remind him to be gentle with Tanner (the dog) and with us...soo when it doesn't work I use the word soft...ha! whatever works...

Hanging with Trippy!!

pushing Tripp on the horsey...

peek-a-boo in the kitchen...
my cold weather jammies...
We had a relaxing Friday...Saturday not remembering what we did..maybe yardwork..can't remember things too well lately. Thursday and Friday I wasn't feeling too well so I layed low and again..Sat. Chris did most of the work around the house.
Sunday we went to church and I got to go to lunch with a new friend Michelle. We had a blast!! Sunday evening Julian, Kim and Trippy came over to visit and eat dinner. We had a great time with them and soo thankful for them. Isaac and Tripp were born about a month apart and Tripp was one of Isaac's first friends along with Jake and Austin (from our small group)
Today..Monday it was rainy and cold Isaac and I didn't do a whole lot today but had some really good quality time together looking at his first month of baby pictures..getting him ready for the sibling...we find out tomorrow..very our is about even what all say about boy or girl and 2 more girl i think...paper out on porch from quiet time today.
Our friends Pat, Jennie and Jake found out today they are almost positive it is a boy that case either it is out or not i guess? ha!
congrats to them!! what a gift!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday

Tuesday- Isaac and I didn't do a whole lot..grandma and Isaac had fun together while I went to tutor. After tutoring Grandma stayed for some of the best I think I was able to make..Barilla? homemade flat, no bake noodles...on the box..soo yummy a 4 layer one!!

Wednesday- all the pictures are from Isaac at our friends Easter Egg hunt..all the younger kids got to get the little blue eggs with goldfish and teddy grahams in them. Isaac also got to pet live little baby chicks. One of the farms here locally will let you bring home baby chicks for I think two weeks to take care of etc..way fun!! Isaac did grab one by it's neck in the beginning..thankfully didn't kill him..then he got very gentle..Lord help me!! after his nap we did some finger painting..I must have felt really good that day with all this energy and has caught up with me the past two days.

Thursday- in the afternoon the girls (neighbors) came over and we played in the backyard..soo thankful for it!! I got to babysit also for the first time in a long time...please sign me up for you and your hubby to have a date night..i would love to help out!!

Today, Friday is low key day..we all didn't sleep too well..Chris has a neck spasm and it not feeling too well...hopefully the pain will be gone very soon. love to all!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally Easter Family Get-together!!!

ok I promise no more pics for awhile..your eyes might be tired.
Momma Brace, Michelle (friend of Warren's) Warren, Chris, Isaac, Darrell and soon to be Mrs. Brace Ashley...Isaac had fun saying all the names..the best one that came out was..woren..aka Warren.
Chris baked a leg of lamb and some yuummy stuffed, bacon wrapped mushrooms along with Momma Brace's Honey Ham, artichoke dip, carrots, sauteed mush. and onions, bread with dip....I made a salad with homemade dressing and a family recipe pound cake from Aunt Susie Bridges...oh and coffee, lemonade and cupcakes...we had a meal fit for a king!! anyone have any good ham recipes??? ha!! Many Blessings to each of you and I am reminded this week of how precious our family and our church family is to us.

1,2,3,4,5...Daddy is bunny..what fun.

Bunny Ears basket and more...

Isaac loved his little Easter basket..we went to the 8am service so we waited til after his nap to give it to him...We really enjoyed starting a tradtion with our resurrection eggs and fun lily and Legend of the Easter Egg books...we opened and egg, read some scripture and held on for dear life to the item in it and gave Isaac the empty egg to hold..we tried him holding some and it was fun watching him drink out of the wine cup..ha!! wish i had a camera for that one.
Isaac trying to hold the little mini whoppers I put in the one egg...that's all the chocolate he could take. ha! the big yellow one had fruit chews (Tonka truck) the others had peanuts...we had more fun this year than Isaac did..I'm sure all of that will change.

Easter Morning!! He has risen indeed!!!

Trying to get these pictures to turn around but for now..if you really want to see me and baby belly turn your head to the left and you can see it.ha! anyone know how to switch the pictures..Chris!!! oh..he's at his guys group tonight..i will get some better ones right side up when we get to it.

Marianne and I heading out for a church service at Calvary Lutheran in West Ashley, Good Friday... such a powerful service.

Having a play date and lunch with our friends

Isaac and Abby having lunch together...good manners for about 5 min. then the table pushed back and forth at each other.

Chris says Isaac looks like a little man in that new shirt...he still loves his pack-n-play..holding on to that one for as long as we can.
Katelyn enjoying her lunch...soo petite and cute! oh Isaac is in size 7 shoes now!! yes believe it!! whewe wee!!

I am a Big Brother, just like Jake!!

Couldn't resist this shirt..our friend Jake has one like it.we are excited to celebrate our babes together... pains and all!!

Nana and two of her boys Eli and Isaac.,
Isaac couldn't wait to get his hands on that grass...Aunt Michelle with excited cousins Luke and Eli

Our visit to Papa Bill and Nana's house last week...

Pics with Papa Bill, Easter Egg Hunt, Me and dear sister Emily

Nap with Tanner, silly, play dough,feed Elmo, Thomas..the life of an 18 month old...

What fun we have at home on a cloudy day...may be cloudy outside but fun inside...Isaac loves to say..Tanner..Tanner all the time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How great is Our God....sing with me...

Today..well lately I have been thinking back to different things Isaac did when he was a baby and making sure I get them down to paper/blog then just in my mind and on this baby calender we have. Today 3/12 last year Isaac woke up and at breakfast for the first time said, precious..soo cute! I also got breakfast in bed this time last year.

Memory lane:some other memories of Isaac's first year:

9/14/06-first day home from hospital

9/16-first baby-sitter (turned over in bed)--date night!!!

9/18-first Babywise small group

9/20-first doctor visit..Dr. Trayham

9/21- first outing and Isaac's great grandma passed away..grandma Leatherman.we think his angel now

9/22-first car trip to nc (41/2 hours)mommy pumped thanks to Penelope!!

9/24-thanking the Lord Grandma is in heaven.

9/30...Mommy and daddy's first kiss anniversary!!
he weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 oz. ---21 1/4 inches..when he was born on 9/11/06

that's all for September I have..more later for October...

you might get bored with this's really for record keeping for our family etc.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Dedication 3/11/07 and 18 months ago...9/11/06

Here we are minus Jake and Dad who weren't in the dedication at Seacoast Church. What a special day!! Grandpa Kim and Trish also visited us among other local relatives and friends.
Isaac the day he was born..Mommy out of it..ha!

Precious..Nana and Isaac hanging out..
My pictures uploaded without seeing first so these were the ones that the Lord must have wanted to show out of 100 already in the first day! whew wee!
I'm sooo blessed and thankful to be a mommy, bride and best friend of my Chris and Isaac and baby in the oven more than they will ever know!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Friday overall was a pretty rough teething day for Isaac. Chris did get to come home a little early so I could get ready for a show that night. The weather Friday was very hard rain and wind. Saturday am went all did a devotion together. Around 10:30am we started to head out for a wedding reception/party and Chris noticed one of my car tires was totally flat...I heard something pop I think Thursday coming home from play group..and the Lord spared me and took care of me!
We had a great time and Milo and Maria's wedding shower..good ol'soul food. After that Chris and Isaac dropped me off at Marianne's home and we got to have some girl time for about 3 hours..much needed and loved it! Saturday night we rested and hung out...Isaac was getting stuffy and a runny nose..we didn't chance it Sunday am..we watched church online.
Sunday afternoon Darrell and Ashley came over to visit and Ashley is in Cosmotology School in Goose Creek and got some practice on Chris's hair..Ashley is very gifted in hair and if any of you ever need your hair trimmed or cut or other she is available during school hours..i want to help her get an award for the most clients coming in for her!!!pass the word and let me know if you are interested.
Sunday evening our sweet friends the Windham's came over for a cook out!! soo fun! I had Sterling in First grade and her mom and I have just become great friends..we love that family..i did forget my camera to take pictures...they have Sterling (9), Andrew (7) and Ashley (4)...what a great visit we had!! Time change also got Isaac some and maybe some of the itty bitty brownie i gave him..or the skim milk..?? ran out of Whole run at 10:30pm...Lord help us! ha!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....

Chris and I celebrating our engagement day..Feb. 13th..random shot..still learning to back post...hummm
Isaac and Reagan tickling each out!
having some fun times with all..Lydia and Mrs. Teresa were eating lunch..pic didn't come out..wish it did..we missed Parker and Austin and mommies week we all get to see Jake and Crystal!!

Campbell and Isaac

I seem to get here every three days. By the night time or nap time I am out..meaning about ready for bed. Tuesday I went to the doctor and go back on the first of April for the BIG ultrasound..very excited..i do want to take a pole..what people think the baby might be..those of you that check this reg. can comment and tell us what you the meantime I will be trying to figure out how to do a pole...hummm...

Tuesday is also Isaac's day with grandma..(Momma Brace). He loves her soo much..when she leaves he tries soo hard to say..bye, bye grandma...too cute!!

Wednesday Isaac and I went on a walk with Mrs. Tammy and her 2 boys, Campbell (35 months..almost 3) and little 3 month old Banx. too cute! After our walk we went in our backyard and played and then to Isaac's room to play and then quesidillas and macaroni and cheese for lunch.

We had a great time with our neighbors!!

Thursday our every 2 week play Marti's this week and Reagan's home. WOW how all are growing. Isaac got a little into everything he wasn't suppose to get in around 12:30pm..being that he was up at 1:30am and then at 6:40am..he did pretty good. mommy and daddy are somewhat tired today...oh well healthy and a whole 29.5 pounds!! (we went to the dr. last week b/c we thought he might have an ear infections..that's how bad he was feeling and acting...Lord will sustain us and give us strength!! amen! HE is our rock and our fortress in time of need...went through my head a lot lately.