Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is it August? wow..1 year old..Is it September?double wow...3 years old?

Isaac is 3! am of birthday..fav. present from Nana and Papa Bill..Fed Ex truck collection set.

here it is the Fed Ex birthday that Isaac dreamed of and what fun it was in creating if for him. Mrs. Lauren our personal Fed Ex driver came to see Isaac and have him a duplicate little Fed Ex truck like the one she drives..Isaac was in HEAVEN!

to see some of the sweetest pictures, these are live from our play gorup we used to have...what a special time we all had together.

I know this blog is sort of out of order for pictures but just had to add these pictures in for all to see the big change in Isaac and all of the kids for that matter.

Olivia-Ryan walking with her puppy dog that La La Brace brought to our home..she loves this dog, it barks, sits, and walks...Jennie Jake and Owen would LOVE this dog!

Olivia-Ryan enjoying her birthday cake on her birthday. (a few days after her big official 1st birthday..weekend party...upload other pictures from my folks house also.

awww..Daddy and Olivia-Ryan at one week old.

nap time. how tiny is she.

after her first bath..she had dark hair.

I can not believe that one year is here and gone for Olivia-Ryan. It seems like about 5 months ago Olivia-Ryan was born. Olivia-Ryan has been a huge blessing to us. She is a lady and girly but also can hang with her total boy brother. Some fond memories I have with her are mostly late nights when she was super tiny...when we were the only two up in the house and wanted to treasure those times instead of make those long nights awful..every night up with her is a blessing...mostly now just when she is in a growth spurt does that happen.
Wow--Isaac is 3 years old now? what!! seriously...more writing to come.

Olivia-Ryan is walking steady these past few weeks and everyday wants to get into brother's room, play with what he plays with and keep up with him.