Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today was Air Show day...I will let the photos show you how much fun we had!!!

mommy and Isaac as President's airplane

Isaac got to ride in his own plane and loved it!! We also got to tour the planes..Isaac wanted to push all the buttons.

We went to the Chic for lunch afterwards since Isaac did sooo well stroller, tons of people, only swirmed for about 5 minutes and then got to be a pilot..that made it all better. I highly recommend this Air Show for next year to those of you that weren't able to go..just make sure you get there right when I opens or you will have to wait forever to get it. We got there at 9:10am..we even could have gotten there earlier. Maybe next year we will go with Olivia-Ryan at 8 months old!! wowser!! or it might be a fun trip for Daddy and Isaac to do will depend on the day and weather.

This was the new plane the Dreamlifter...i think was the name...huge..the cargo section...huge..see Chris and Isaac??

more pictures of the Air Show from 4/26/08

New beach hat, mommy and Sara, Jake and Daddy and Isaac...

Isaac right before the beach last Sunday.

Jake was over last Sunday while his daddy and mommy had an open house..he LOVED the basketball goal!!

Isaac and daddy playing with the playdough..after not taking a nap..his new shell he found..already making fossils. ha!

Monday, April 21, 2008

leaving....Beach Family Day!! first time in 2008...

Some highlights of our trip to Sullivan's Island today...I put these pictures in backwards so this was toward the end of our time there....Isaac and Daddy found a water pool,Isaac walked most of the way back to the car like a big boy and all the way to the beach (great for strollers etc...station 22),ok...this has only happened 2 times in the last year!! Isaac fell asleep in the car about 5 minutes from our house..and...yes....that is the only nap he home---bath, read,..stayed in his crib for over 1 hour or so then started crying..ugh...oh well was in bed by 6:30pm tonight!! night night Isaac...mommy and daddy worn out and also semi- dehydrated..tired..getting the fluids in now!!
new swim suit from Emmie!! thank you!! oh!! he also kept the hat on for most of the time until the wind picked up and Isaac dropped it in the water.

HE WAS OUT!! Even when Chris opened the
back door..never happened before had to take
a picture..praying that Olivia-Ryan does better
sleeping in the car.

"What a great family day" as Chris would say my special day..awhh...Thank you Lord for the best husband and daddy ever!!

more at the beach.....station 22!! loved it!!

Brookgreen Gardens on Hwy. 17 north..on our way home...soo peaceful!!

can you believe this??
river otter too cute! we also saw foxes, eagles, owls, geese, oxen, horses, mules,owls, gorgeous scuptures and gardens..worth a trip..too much for toddlers though...great long day date trip!! about 45 min. away and not expensive at all

checking out the news...

Some Highlights from our Babymoon!! I'm 22 weeks with Olivia-Ryan

Chris and I getting ready to go out the first night for a really nice dinner!! He didn't want to look like a tourist so this is a cute but the best picture of the two we got...seriously...we relaxed a whole lot..not much of nothing but praying a lot together..waking up at 4am the first am..both of us to pray and devotion...(we didn't plan it)..ha! One of my favorite things was the SPA day on Thursday from 10am-3pm!! HEAVEN!! I'm Close to heaven!!!...
Enjoying our 10th floor view...loving it..ahhhhhhh
below us view...sooo nice....
the view out our other balcony.....hammocks...2 cute!!
Me after my long massage, facial, pedicure and manicure!! totally recommend this place friends...great service and way more than we ever expected!! Hibiscus Spa at Marriott Grande Dunes Spa/Resort...only took less than one tank of gas both ways with a 1/3 left!! that's a bargain these days!!

Big Cup,Isaac is 19 months 4/11,baby daddy,Video time with Nana...

Isaac is 19 months here!! big boy!
Daddy's baby picture..kissing..umm

Time with Nana before bed.....awh..mommy and daddy leave on their trip in the am for 3 nights!!! 4/16-4/18...felt like a week..soo good!!

We are home from our Babymoon..still on vacation!!yippee!!

Hi there..those of you who like to check up on us etc. we got home from our Babymoon in Mrytle Beach Friday. My mom left Saturday morning early while our friend Sara from NC came to visit us Friday and Saturday night while she was here for a cytology seminar. We all had a blast. I can't wait to tell you more about our to come..Chris uploading this new system called My Book and it holds MUCH space!! I do not however know how to upload pictures the new way and haven't had a whole lot of time to do it..also trying to spend as much time with Chris and Isaac while Chris is still on vacation til tomorrow. Isaac still loves to pack-n-play and has lately really trying to say...1,2,3....wo-too0-fee...sooo cute!!
We are waiting for daddy to get home from taking our Honda in for service...not sure what we might do today..maybe beach maybe Ready-Set-Jump...oh..yesterday I was 23 weeks and doing sooo well!! Thank you LORD!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daddy and Isaac..devotion time.

oh!! forgot to hit enter photos last post..whoops! oh.. here is my belly too with Isaac and our new rug!!

What a sweet day Wednesday was...

I'm not sure when I last posted but not a whole lot
has gone on lately..we've been pretty low key. Today is Thursday and Tuesday I went out to dinner with a new friend of mine Michelle..we had a great time, she works with Warren (Chris's brother) on Army Wives that is filmed here in Charleston on lifetime tv. Wednesday yesterday Chris took off for personal day..he has a home that is almost done and just needed a little break. We had some great couch time talking and laughing!! Also I got some great pictures of Daddy and Isaac yesterday am..we all ate breakfast together. I made yumo french toast. Daddy Isaac and mommy had a devotion time it!!! Here is Daddy and Isaac reading and I said, "Isaac can you kiss your daddy and say thank-you"...too cute!!
OHHH Big news we also got a rug for our living room yesterday..great deal at Sam's Club..if anyone is looking for a big nice rug. Isaac also had his 18 month well visit today...he is 80% in everything...29.5lbs....height 34.5 inches..getting tall..almost 3 feet!! wowser!
everything looks great and Dr. Traynham will not see him again until he is 2 years old.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Summer, Summer Summertime..oh Summertime...

Time to sit back and unwind...a song from the past that rang through my head this weekend. Chris, Isaac and I had a very productive weekend. Saturday am I woke up and made some homemade quiche, then childhood fav. chef-borardee pizza and some pork chops for dinner. I love to cook!! It is therapeutic for me. Anyone have any must have recipes please let me know. Isaac went potty this weekend..yes Saturday night while I was cleaning the kitchen he came in and said...Momma Momma..showed me the empty potty. Chris said he tinkled just a little!! so excited..also he stepped out of his pack-n-play Saturday am while Chris and I were getting cleaning up laundry in our room..he walks around the corner..did all this very quietly. Chris stated that he put too big of toys in the pack-n-play..Isaac rolled all of them up in the mat and stepped over...too smart for his own good.
Overall we had a great weekend! Saturday most of the day was doing yard work. Very thankful that is done for awhile.

Today Monday..Isaac had a pretty rough day while waking at 6am and not back to sleep. He did nap ok but was up from 2pm til 7:15pm..please sleep I close...mommy and daddy pray! amen.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

He's Here!!!

Welcome Jeshua!! 6:29am this morning..weighing 7 lbs. @ 37 weeks...proud parents are Ray and Heather Guiterrez!! We can't wait to meet you!pictures to come later...

3 boys and a girl

We had fun at Jennie and Jakes home today. Mrs. Jennie made some yummy poppy seed ham sandwiches, homemade cake and some of her signature dish the cheese with cresent rolls, crackers and green apples.

What a blessing today in the rain.

Rainbow.symbol of the Lord's promise! Olivia...comes from olive..from Olive branch on Noah's Ark..humm...

TOO sweet to see a rainbow when we found out about Olivia-Ryan on Tuesday...His promise! oh.. a picture of me on girl's night out at 20 weeks does wonders!! ha!!

Wednesday was a fun day with our friends Mrs. Teresa and Lydia at Ready, Set, Jump..we had a blast!! tired though from keeping up with the two of them. by the time to go is 10am when they open and it's only $3 if you are a Mom's in the Know...otherwise only $4..the toddlers lasted about 50 min...great time for their age.

we couldn't get these cars to move..then we figured you needed to be on the concrete...oh!!!