Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Isaac's First Professional Haircut!

Yes, today was the day that I decided I had had enough of Isaac's too long of hair when it was wet....past his shoulders. Today I called Bangs and Bows and got a cut for Isaac....I would have gone to Ashley but well Isaac hardly sat still in the cute car he was in and sucker they gave him i know it would have stressed me and Ashley out way too much! We will see if mom can start cutting it. I wanted it to grow out some before Ashley and Darrell's wedding day so that's why I did it now. What a memorable experience they were great there and I totally recommend it! Train tables, cartoons, high tv's to watch while they are getting their cut.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thomas visited us..from church not the train..

Thomas came and visited Isaac today along with Lee his mom..who is due a month before Olivia-Ryan and she is also having a girl. They had so much fun today..I wish I could have captured some of it on film but didn't until the end before Thomas left and they hugged each other..I don't have a problem with Isaac hugging his the compassionate side of Isaac...he will also see his dad hug his good friends also.
I have two passionate men in my home! precious!! especially when they worship at church and sing/worship around the house.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day picnic with Ga-Ga, family and friends

Kellie, baby Hannah and 28 weeks along
Watermelon season..

Michelle and I, Isaac and the dadda and uncles, group picture (marianne taking picture)

Isaac and Ga-Ga
Loving to di---- (dip) everything in a mommy and daddy...even a corn on the cob...her Uncle Warren this di----
Kaydence and Isaac...his friend from
Montclair ..we miss Kellie, Josh, Kaydence and the new Hannah. Isaac did exceptionally well tonight..momma was nervous with picnic by the pool..we are learning pool rules..walking etc. He even sat down to eat dinne on a towel with mommy and Uncle Warren...lots of dip and chips, watermelon, chicken, tomatoes..thank you Lord our boy likes just about everthing...are you listenig ORB? ha!

Sweet Friend Berta! Happy Memorial Day...

What a fun morning Berta and I had together at IHOP!! The picture is sort of blurry..but all I have to say is I miss seeing Berta on a regular basis but are soo thankful we have stayed in touch sooo much!

IHOP...also as we were talking stands for International House of Prayer..soo humorous our Lord is!! that's a whole other story....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Isaac's first trip to our the water.

Isaac is in the hat. Campbell our friend and neighbor was there with his mom, brother and grandparents..we are very thankful that our neighborhood has a pool. After this day...we knew Isaac needed something to float, or something..I was a nervous wreck..check out his new toy on Memorial that's easier for mommy especially...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Visit with Campbell,Kay-Kay and Lydia..all in one week

Thursday: we had a blas with Lydia...Isaac and Lydia held hands after they prayed for their food...Lydia kept blowing kisses at Isaac the whole lunch time and ate both played well, ate well etc. it really is pretty easier to have two the same age keeping each other now not that I think in the beginning I could handle twins but hey this age...oh wow it would help.

Wednesday: Isaac got to play with Kay-Kay while mommy babysat and watched her...again another great day!!
Monday: we were the guests of Tammy, Campbell and Banx as we went to the Aquarium...the first time Isaac could really interact with the animals and name them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Isabal Bean...way cute and tiny...

Baby Isabel almost 3 weeks old today...Chris, Isaac and I visited the Beans and their new addition Isabel...looks just like daddy did when he was a baby. We had a great visit with Demi and Jason ..they are all doing wonderfully!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I know "cheessee" and loves his new stickers!

So today I cleaned the house hard core.. and well as you can see Isaac is kissing "Mr. Vacuum"...well the little one I usually use is not working so we had a long talk about how Mr. Vacuum helps he cries and gets scared of it...yes i did vacuum when he was small..with mega vacuum..but now with hard woods I use little one...reg. size just not mega loud: anyhoot..trying to work on being nice to Mr. Vacuum to help mommy out!
umm kiss!

Yesterday I worked on Isaac saying smile for pictures! well he sort of did at first and then really did!
Jennie-- especially and those expecting or have a toddler not potty trained yet! try it!

Then I have to tell you all a great thing to try when your child seems fit! Today I was thinking (for you Jennie) how am I going to feed a baby and then have to help Isaac get things, do things, get things for mom etc..well I won't be able to soo I'm starting to (by the Lord's lead not mine) see things like that. ..for instance today....I said , "Isaac could you get your wipes and a diaper from your room for me to change you..very wet"..he ran back to his room very the wipes and a sticker..humm where did you get that I thought...Then I heard him trying to open his drawers to climb up and reach the I quickly darted to his room and got diaper for him at his we walked down the hall with smiley face sticker and a diaper..I said.. ok Isaac I need you to lay down still for me and if you do as I change your diaper and are a big boy you can wear this sticker!! WEll it worked!!! 3 stickers later..I told him..ok now lay down without me having to get him, hold him down etc..he just layed down ready to be changed!! least I know he can do it..if it happens again I will let you know. soo thankful for this..keep it up Isaac and thanks again to the Lord for that wisdom

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday Fun Day with the cousins in...

After driving a long haul on Thursday to High Point.but well worth it..we were excited to spend some time Friday or was this Sat...not sure..think it was Saturday am and the rash came Sunday am..ok...whew tired!
Anyway here is Isaac (his new thing climbing walls) having fun with Luke while Eli was playing with his mommy. we loved your backyard Jeff and Michelle! it looks great and soo cozy and fun! On Friday for lunch ..Chris and I met up with a friend of his from high school that is getting ready to graduate from law school...I think the 16-17...Steve Relya.? spelling..Crystal..James might know him..anyway..he's hoping to get a job in DC area soon (Courtney have any leads?)...and getting married the day after we hope Olivia-Ryan arrives Aug. 9th. wish we could make the wedding but hopefully they can come visit us soon here in Charleston.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All recovered and ready to play!

We got back from our trip and took a total day of rest and headed to the doctor just to check on everything etc...all is well! Isaac was never not himself..just some hives, some fussy but not much!

We always have fun with our friends Abbie and Ka-Ka...yes i wsa right behind him when he climbed the latter dad...not far off the ground just looks like it. Ka-Ka..will be in the same grade as Isaac but you wouldn't know by looking at them..Isaac 31-32 lbs. 23lbs. tiny!! is about 3 months younger than Isaac.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day MOM..Jeff and Kristen with their kids...

We all know how hard it is to get a picture with kids etc...toddlers..well here is our attempt on Mother's Day night after a wonderful meal prepared by Jeff and couldn't be there b/c he had graduation to attend at Bridgewater College. We got to visit with dad on Monday after he got home..Monday evening we layed low b/c of Isaac's hives/virus..fever slightly up and we came home on Tuesday.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wild Virus Day...

Here are some links we found that has details about this rash. It's called: ERYTHEMA MULTIFORME.

It should be cleared up in a couple days. The rash has already decreased on his stomach. (an email we send out to family)..well chris researched it..such a great daddy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

our last couple days in NC...

Chris and I trying to figure out how many weeks I am....humm that's bad...remember every moment with the first one....25 weeks i think??
We wanted a picture with my Pop Warfield before we left..Isaac was very wiggley and over all the we got him alone with Pop. Can't believe Pop is almost 92 years old!! wowser!! (mom's dad) OK!! I laughed my head off when mom came around the corner with this shot!! nice hat Isaac... below some of our favorite shots during the trip...
Nana got out the paint bucket and paint brushes so Isaac could paint the deck with water....great idea Nana!! I love her ideas!! reminds me of the children's museum downtown..try it all you moms that want a new activity! works great!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On the Road again to NC for Mother's Day

I don't really have any pictures on our drive up there but it was very pleasant and Isaac did ever for over 4 hours. My folks live in High Point, NC and my grandfather "Pop" is still very alive at 91 years old and is visiting with my folks for 2 weeks from Michigan where he lives in a Home there (also where my mom grew up).
Chris and I wanted to spend some time with him and have him meet little man Isaac..they did very well together!!
Below are some highlights of our trip on May 8-13th. As I write this we are home and ALL better now! Thank the Lord!
My dad as you can see did not make any of the kodak moments and was at Bridgewater College for their graduation Mother's Day...we got to visit with him right when we arrived and on Monday evening for dinner and fun! love to you and mom! soo glad you all are enjoying the blog! soo fun!

Chill Day...tired from all our activities

So today we were all wiped out! all of us! Isaac loves watching his new fav. show at 12pm....CAILLOU....on ETV..go to games etc....Caillou has a baby sister..hummm getting him ready..didn't realize all this til the Lord showed it to me recently

We really don't lay around all day and watch TV..this day was just overall very chill....rainy and really cozy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Playdate with Rea-Rea

We have always said...Isaac there's your girlfriend from day one with Reagan and Isaac so close with our families and in age...well today was soo funny...Marti and I laughed soo hard..we wanted them to hug...well...Reagan started trying to take off Isaac's clothes...ha! had to get in on out! They play well together and Marti and I just sit and laugh at them.

Isaac is saying: What are you doing? I'm cornered against the wall...mommy...?? ha! we did say be gentle, let's be nice, be careful etc..


Had to put the picture 2 times because..well it is such a special day!! Along with Buito your birthday my friends Marianne and Misti also have a birthday Happy Birthday to them also..Cinco de Mayo!! Can't wait to visit with you and Kathy..hugs!!..oh..Isaac drew in the background of the card for you and also has a wet spot for tears taking away the marker from him.

Isaac is waving at you Buito!!ha! hi he says..this was when he was happy right after lunch today....
here he is praying for you!! too cute. his new thing..for everything and everyone.