Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dadda!

This is us going out for a date night for my birthday...Chris full throtle on our next date New Year's Eve..ha!
Today we celebrated Dadda's (Chris's) birthday. We had to make it creative because his birthday and my birthday is so close to we had a birthday breakfast..with his FAVORITE sour cream

cake originated by Dee Dee Brace (Aunt)..Chris's mom makes it so good I didn't want to mess up her recipe. As a surprise I invited her to come over very early while Chris makes his coffee and surprise him with it.

For a Christmas gift to the birds Dadda and Isaac made may pinecones with peanut butter and birdseed and hung on our front crepe Myrtle for their Christmas present..we are talking about taking care of nature in our Growing Kids God's Way class and had a blast making them.

Olivia-Ryan the first week of December stood up straight in her exercauser...we have a picture of Isaac with these antlers on too...I will add it....from when he was 3 months old and Olivia-Ryan was 4 months old.

waiting for Santa Claus.....on her first Christmas...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This week..Happy Birthday me and Olivia-Ryan is 4 months?? wow!

It's me ...thinking about all the uploads i want to do ..just one at a time...ha!
Olivia-Ryan is 4 months old today..she has been putting her clothes in her mouth and rattle type things and found her toes last fun! We fall in love with her each and everyday and say what a precious blessing she is. Isaac is teething something hard lately..molars..seriously..when does this stuff end???
anyway...that's most of the reason i am not up to writing during nap time or at night b/c the effort it takes after a boy who is teething all over again....Lord help me..healthy and thankful though.

I celebrated my 34th birthday Sunday the 7th by : having all meals fixed, cooked for me, worked with precious babies at the Dream Center for nurseries,came home to flowers in 3 different rooms..lilies my fav!! a Elmo balloon greeting me on the porch!! so cute and homemade birthday cake decorated by daddy and Isaac...oh! also went to see 4 Christmases with Jessica at the new Cinnabare theather in Mt. Pleasant. more pictures later. Good night for now!

oh! just went to Isaac's first Christmas program at his school so cute. Isaac's class waved as part of the year he will sing...can't wait. We had a nice reception and hung out with La-La Brace (grandma brace), the Page Family and the Ishie family.

Hi there I'm 4 months old today!!

We are so tickled that Olivia-Ryan is gaining such cute facial expressions..the one in red is her usual grin to us when we say her name but when that camera is in front of her it is hard for her to smile. Some new milestones we are just starting to do this week: stand straight up in exersauser with feet dangling looks at all the toys and sometimes hitting one or two, giggling at me when I change her and tickle her,ah-ah,ah-mmm-mmm.., looks at her when you call her name, loves to watch the tv when it is on (try to keep it most of the time off her face but can't help it with 2 men in the house)
God is so good!! all the time! We all are excited about Christmas because this year we are taking our new mini van up to North Carolina to see my family on the 26th of December.

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