Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wonderful Weekend...tough first part of the week...

I loved this weekend...a friend from college came to visit us..Aunt Chris and we had soo much fun with her. She lives in Raleigh, NC. Friday night mommy went out with Chris to Starbucks and got some yummy decaf. coffee and some lemon pound cake and biscotti to split..we laughed and got to catch up a whole lot while daddy went to small group and the kids stayed with Grandma Brace.
Saturday we got up and took Chris to see Chris's job site where he is almost done with the 3 homes he is doing and then to the Farmer's Market..I could go there every weekend and get fresh produce..Isaac rode the Pony..we will get pictures from Chris soon on here to add...
Saturday evening Chris and I had the evening from 5pm-9pm..to party at Mark and Christie's wedding reception...i wish I would have taken more pictures...we took Olivia-Ryan and she did great.
Sunday Chris left early and Isaac woke up with a cough and a runny nose..no nursery for him (didn't want to do that to you Amie) we had a quiet morning with a big breakfast from daddy..yummmmy!!
Around noon we headed to a lunch in honor of our dear friend Michelle who is finishing up Army Wives and taking a vacation..much needed..back in January.
Sunday night Daddy gave Olivia-Ryan a bath she loves it!! look at her eyeing him..
Chris, Mark, Leonard and Jason..it takes 3 guys to put on a flower..precious moment they have become great friends and we all girls have too.
the Bride Christie and Caleb..ahhhh soo cute!
after bath time...late night..bad hair ha!
Tuesday...don't we all wish we could stay in bed...mommy recovering from Virus from yesterday, Isaac has a cold..chilling in daddy and mommy's bed.precious.....wow tomorrow is October!! time flies by!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DUST_DUST DUST!!! Kindermusic class and AJ

Daddy has been doing the baths..mommy is too scared to drop baby sister... from the other day. Heather i will get a bottom shot for you soon.

It's our time..to sing together....so fun!

AJ and Isaac love Kindermusic class...I highly recommend it and our teacher Polly? is amazing.

After singing today Isaac, Olivia-Ryan and I went to Ms. Jessica's house for some fun times, yummy chicken salad lunch and playing with a lizard in the backyard...he played dead...soo funny..these pictures are from Jessica..handling a toddler and a newborn not much big camera pictures when I travel...

oh! and we got a new Thomas table for Isaac from Callie today with Thomas and Percy chairs..hoping Isaac will draw, playdough and read books while mommy nurses...we hope so.

oh! not many posts..well I'm trying to get used to a having a as we think acid reflux baby...Isaac was not and lots of crying ..do all new babies do this?? i totally forget...we have Bible Study tomorrow..we will see how this week goes..soo excited to do the Daniel bible study and have something fun and great for my heart for mommy's time out!! love it and love the mug Jessica thanks!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random pictures from the past 4 days..

Mommy playing with the camera today...at 5 weeks..she already loves the ceiling fan..ha!

Isaac training Truman (our nephew dog)to go get the ball he threw..
Cypress Gardens...more pictures to come...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Random funny pictures....

birthday playdough kit!!

Truman our dog nephew...
Isaac grabs the cake!!
Olivia-Ryan and Isaac with their feet together..awww

omg!! look at Olivia-Ryans mouth..after a weekend of birthday festivities..wearing the "baby blues"
Lee!! loved that!!

Celebrating Isaac's 2nd birthday from 9/11/08

Isaac is right around the corner..here he comes...

so excited!! when Isaac gets excited he throws his hands straight behind his back like this. There is Aunt Michelle and cousin Luke. Isaac was soo excited to see his cousins Jake, Luke and Eli and his aunt and uncle Labor Day weekend (he didn't take a nap this day either)...over excited i guess and did great!!
There is Nana helping Isaac get ready to eat. uncle Jeff in the background and cousin Jake.
WOW....check out THOMAS!!! is it real??

Thank you soo much Michelle for making the cake..you are amazing and helping Chris with the Roman shades.

some of isaac's family birthday pictures!!

my sister-in-law..did this cake love it!! Thomas is a big fan in our house...can't find the very cute pics of Isaac..i think they might have been erases by dadda....we will see....ugh.
these are the stages of making the big Thomas cake!

the week of Isaac's birthday..fast asleep.
Great picture of Papa..as Isaac says..Papa Bill ( my dad) as Isaac's cousins say...we didn't get a family picture wild day...we did this party over Labor Day weekend...the other celebration we did was a party with Isaac's Play Group...here at our house..fun times..more pictures to come.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ISAAC IS 2 tomorrow...

the day Isaac turned one last year....what a day..crying week for mommy..baby turning one year old...drama for mommy!!
we look soo young....
we had yummy apple turnovers for family party.
card from nana and papa bill
birthday morning with mommy...special day and met daddy at Chic-fil. Tomorrow we are having our play group over for a play date and semi birthday celebration low key ..after our big one 2 weeks ago....
God is soo good as Isaac sang today and big boy went to his first Music school today...we call it that b/c we want him on best behavior...Kindermusik he loved it and baby sister slept the whole time ...came home feed her and then off to Chic-fil to celebrate Isaac's first day and mommy's craving! hA!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

mommy's first day with the 2....

WOW it's been a whole week since I've updated...well we are getting better and easier adjusting until daddy threw a curve ball to me last night that he wanted to go in first thing in the am...(today) and be home by 2pm..well I am here to say it went oh....soo well seriously..all soo well! Even made a semi-schedule to go by..first look at a schedule and not a pattern...i wrote down Isaac's name.....with all the 30 min. times under his name and then Olivia-Ryan's name and all 3 things she does..eat, wake sleep......now to 3 hours..until another growth spurt..just got out of it!! whew wee!!

Pictures to come soon!! We celebrated Isaac's 2nd birthday this past Sunday with both sides of family...about 16 of us...a pretty big crew...at a time or two it was a little much for me but overall I held up great..never know with my emotions lately. I wanted to keep it very simple and sweet. Our special guests who we see maybe 2-4 times a year were my brother and his family and Isaac's cousins Jake, Luke and Eli...we all had a blast.

Would have updated yesterday but we were all sooo tired and beat..zombies!!
It's 9:47pm so i better get some rest and get ready for our feeding hopefully around 11pm....oh!! Olivia-Ryan slept last night...well she was fed at 10:15pm and didn't eat again and wake until 1:50am...Chris also feeds her at the last feeding of the night..hoping she will drink quite a bit of pumped yummy in a bottle and then sleep longer..she drank about 4 oz!! wowser!! at 3 weeks old...didn't throw any of it up.....sometimes I have Chris also do the first feeding in the am depending how tired I am around 5 or 5:30am.
We are working on 5am, 8am,11am,2pm,5pm,8pm,11pm....always changes but her day starts at 8am..so mommy can get up,shower, drink some coffee, play with Isaac some and then get her up..tried soo many times and these times work best..again....i give myself about 15-30min. grace....just helps me to have a schedule and all are adapting well..our family works better with than without...especially when they are babies and when they are toddlers like 2 ish (Isaac)weekends we relax quite a bit not on bed times so much but like..sleep in..., go to be about 30 min later..which is only 8ish for Isaac, eat a late breakfast and have lots of family time and relax..ok i need to get off this thing overtired...pictures to come...