Monday, June 30, 2008

ok....potty training here we come...

Well.. I know I haven't blogged regularly lately...but I have to share this with you all. Isaac woke up this am at about 6:45am...fussing...cri---ouu..meaning crib out... (get me out) momma dadda..etc...well Chris goes in and gets me and says..come here we have a poopy incident..I just thought we would have it smeared on the walls wasn't that bad.....just a big pile in the corner of the crib..yes and i guess some of his crib stuff was around it so he moved it all to the other side of the crib sitting there..uh oh...oh no....naked 21 month old...his diaper just was wet....couldn't yell at him b/c we have been teaching this week after pee peeing in the potty to get mommy and dadda when he has to go..he tried....soo anyway off to the tons of shout and high....sanitize cleaning we go for almost 2 hours!!! It's done now just need to check in and put it in the dryer...FYI...toddler taking off clothes or diaper..try putting the diaper on backwards and or duct taping the diaper shut..already googled it just a few minutes ago...we will tell you more after the day progresses on where we are at! Isaac is becoming a big boy!! Praise the Lord the poop wasn't everywhere..he was almost scared of pictures for this one!!!ha!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Isaac's new room (our old office/guest room) in the works...

The color we love..Marlboro Blue...yes that's what i said...cigarette company...? should look up the true meaning on Marlboro..

This is Isaac checking out his new fish...toddler bed sheets and fish pillow..he was kissing them....ha!
As you can see he couldn't wait to get it..hid your eyes to your toddlers when looking at these ideas...Isaac is a climber! has not tried to climb out of pack in play or crib yet......

Isaac's new room getting ready...

here is a picture of Isaac's new room hoping to be done soon for him to start adjusting to...we will see!

Friday, June 27, 2008


This is Nana's birthday and a new potty book that Nana got him...put stickers in it when you go potty.
Isaac dancing he's soo excited and so is mommy....he went potty today..pee pee....
his stickers!
he wanted to show you twice!
mommy resting and isaac being silly and cute!

Nana's Birthday and Isaac goes potty!!

It all ranks up there since I had not seen Isaac go potty yet. With it being Nana's birthday today we started out by celebrating.....Isaac gets to use his new big boy bedding! I got it all out..soo excited and changed his sheets to his new one. After taking lots of pictures we called Nana etc later in the day and told her the good new that Isaac went pee pee in the potty after him telling momma outside in the pool that he needed to go potty. WHAT A TREAT!! When dadda got home from work..Isaac said again..Dadda home..he gave Isaac a special treat...this car holder that you push in the car, push a button and the car pops out ..he loved it! What a big helper he is becoming and gaining lots of stickers and treats after 5 stickers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

me 27 years before I met my hunk...

this is me....well looks like Isaac right?? same body type ...I loved the beach and still do....this is the place where my hubby got down on one knee and asked if he could marry me 3 years ago February 13th, 2005...but it was in a different state...anyway I am soo thankful to have a wonderful hubby to live a lifetime with...more pictures to come!!

A new car!! well on.....

Our test drive and then a loaner while we keep looking...van was ours on Monday....July 14th.....soo exciting more pictures on that date (working backwards)


Better late to blog then never...Chris and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary stared rocky with me not feeling well at all and well i really wanted to feel well for our day..but it got better.
Our sweet neighbor Emily watched Isaac..he was asleep as we went out .... we have been tired/literally exhausted from all our festivities and probably should have planned something ahead of time knowing how this week would be but it ended wonderfully!! We went car is my anniversary gift....a picture attached! yep...Isaac loved it! We got to bring home this Pilot to test drive for a few days and see how it fit our family...since then we have also tried the Honda Odyssey...we love it!
we will see..oh and we went camera shopping for me a little camera to tote around with 2 kids etc..still car shopping and camera shopping.. for the anniversary...i'll let you know when we make a deal!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wedding and much more!!!

Hi there! say where have you been? Well...I'm here just not blogging too much. I wanted to post some things before I forgot and then add pictures either when we find our cord to do it or people email us pictures from the wedding. Darrell and Ashley were adorable and soo happy. The wedding day was perfect beside the heat..anything besides the rain right?? Family started arriving last week on Wednesday...Isaac and I hung out with his great-grandparents on 18-19th and got some special time together before all the rest came to town. Isaac is such a ham and enjoyed every bit of atttention he got this past weekend and last week from family, pictures, smiles, laughing, CHEEEESEEE!!! ....later nights to sleep (which he did soooo good at)..etc. We are very proud of how great Isaac did the whole time. ...our cord to upload is missing and we are hoping to get emails soon from family with photos we can use for the blog...WE LOVED VISITING WITH EVERYONE!!!! Isaac was especiallly excited because his Nana took care of him the whole time of festivities so mommy and daddy could breath and relax..good call!!! she was amazing....THANKS AGAIN MOM!!
Today Chris's dad and stepmom left....we all had a great visit with them and hope to see them soon. We have some family leaving tomorrow and the last of the family leaves on Thursday. WHAT A WEEK BUT WAY FUN!!! Hope Ashley and Darrell are havinga blast on their honeymoon!!

They are one!! Congrats-Darrell and Ashley!!!

SOO exciting to have gained a wonderful new sister!! more pictures to come.... don't they look adorable!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Actually the 21st...of June..some pics

Bridal Brunch at Whitney's home..soo fun!
Ashley got some fun stuff!!!........ lingerie type shower etc.....

ok....i look way big in that dress....after rehearsal dinner at Hamlin Plantation
Buito and Kathy with Ashley and Darrel during Rehearsal dinner...more pictures to come...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 to 3 words together.....ISAAC!!!

Isaac is amazing us today..for the first time he said...Dadda home....instead of when I say...Daddy's home he used to say...DADDAA!!!!!!!!!
Now he can't stop saying ,"Dadda Home"...just had to blog this moment for us to keep forever precious!!
He is doing some other word combos..but I'm trying to update and my brain is off for the night.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun with the drums and Thomas!

Today has been great so's 4:02pm and Isaac is still napping..praise the Lord!!! We went to visit with Thomas and his sweet mom Lee this am. The boys have so much in common and so do the mommies. Isaac and Thomas are almost exactly one month apart and his sister and Isaac's sister will be also....ironic? hummm i think it is the Lord helping us out with great friends ALL along the way. Chris and I met Lee and Jaime a while ago at a Family Life service and in my mind then I thought...we will be friends with them, missions trip..not sure but back in touch and now we are and the Dream Center made that happen...can't wait to share in awhile all the things we have in common with Thomas's parents...we look forward to many years growing together and making memories with this family..heaven sent! oh!! picture of Thomas helping Isaac with his drums...trying to upload now....ugh!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gearing up for the Wedding!!

Hi there! Pictures to come as soon as I remember what has gone on the last few weeks. Nothing major just extreme heat for a prego mamma. I guess I have been a little dehydrated also because of the way I have been feeling. Today started off great as always..I do feel that Chris and I are connecting soooo well together--communication I guess. Chris is getting a whole bunch of Jesus time and that really helps both of us...the way we interact and appreciate each other. The past week I have wanted to sleep and do no much of anything. Feeling ok but not as great as before. OH!!!! Isaac and I got our wedding gear altered today....some photos of Isaac before we left with Christie and Caleb so kindly taking us...Isaac working on say CHEESE!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a blessing!!! BABY SHOWER DAY!!

Huge blessing to have wonderful friends and family...thinking back to today and the shower that Ashley (my sister to be in 2 weeks) with tons of help from creative Darrell (maker of the diaper cake) and Candace (mom in love/law) We had a blast downtown from 2-4pm at T-Bonz food and the cutiest decor ever!! one of my favorite parts was a Prayer Bouquet for baby Olivia-Ryan..Ashley had her camera so hope we can upload some soon for you to see.
We played scattergories with letters like...D..diaper...double points for diaper daddy...and bingo with the numbers that ashley numbered the gifts on each fun! THANKS AGAIN ASHLEY!! LOVED IT!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adopt -a -Block and running errands ...

What a scorcher again today!! Chris got up and went to adopt a block with our church and Isaac and I ran errands today. We had a great day. After we went shopping actually...ha!
We visited Daddy and the dream center crew at a cook-out they were doing on the street we help out. soooo fun! chris did most of the grilling and herded in all the kids around him..sooo great to see that!
Isaac danced at the music box ..and jumped with all the kids in the jump castle! we were all exhausted by Saturday night.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a great helper Caleb is...

Yesterday and today Isaac and I watched Caleb for Mark and Christie. Christie finishes up school this week and we got to play with Caleb. Monday I decided to lay low and have the boys play and have a blast here at the house and Tuesday we ventured out the Children's Museum with Chris's mom ...only with her would i have taken both boys and me..prego!
We had a great time and hope to get back soon! Great investment for a membership!!
We saw 3 of our friends their Jennie and Jake, Brittan and her boys and Coach Chris with two girls I taught at PCA Mary-Catherine and Callie they will both be in 4th grade next year!! whew wee!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cookout with friends!

Today was a hot one!! Saturday we decided to have a cook-out with our neighbors and loved every bit of it! Isaac, Ka-Ka and Abbie all had a blast.